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Mary is a 66 year old back pain sufferer with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Five years ago, at the age of 66, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and a slight curvature of my lower spine.  I was sent to the hospital for six weeks of exercise classes.  At the end of this time I was advised to keep up the exercises so I joined a Pilates Class the instructor erred on the side of caution and told me to omit several of the exercises.  I really felt the odd one out and left after three sessions.


The local leisure centre suggested I joint their “balance class for the elderly”.  I didn’t like the sound of that!  At this point, I decided to join the Royal Osteoporosis Society and requested information on exercises to help me with what I should be looking for.


I had already benefited in the past from visiting the chiropractors at Salisbury Chiropractic and Physiotherapy and knew the clinic ran a rehabilitation class.  I wondered if this would be right thing for me, so I booked a one to one with Andy, the sport rehabilitation therapist.


From that first meeting, I felt very confident that Andy knew exactly what sort of exercise would be effective.  I was impressed with the way he checked the X-ray and DXA scan results, asked about the hospital’s exercises and checked out what movements I could do …. And what hurt!!  He worked out my own programme of exercises and gave me the choice of joining a class or exercising at home and checking in with him on a one to one every so often.  I chose the class, not lease because I suspected I wouldn’t keep it up at home!


But there were other reasons too.  A class gave me access to equipment I didn’t have at home, encouragement, motivation, companionship, and definitely not least, confidence that I was “doing it right”.


My programme included balance exercises, use of weights and resistance bands, stretching, improving muscle strength – all the things the ROS exercise sheet had recommended.  Everyone in each class has a different programme tailored to individual needs and capabilities.  In the classes I attended (usually 2 a week), I believe I am the only one with my specific diagnosis and I am certainly the oldest, but that makes no difference.  As a group we all get on very well and that is due mainly to Andy – he makes it fun.


Having your own programme makes you feel very confident.  Andy varies our programmes and challenges us to improve, adding extra exercises, increasing levels of difficulty or number of repetitions.  I have definitely seen an improvement in my mobility, general level of fitness and a complete absence of pain (apart from the occasional brief twinge!)  We all work hard and a “well done” from Andy, sends us home glowing!  We are a happy, positive group and its all down to our brilliant instructor.  My confidence is sky high!! (Literally! I recently had go on a climbing wall!)


Onward and upward!!


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