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Is Online Christmas Shopping good for you?


Many people choose to do their shopping online but is it good for you and your posture?

Shopping in comfort, in our own home, no queues, no crowds of people and our own supply of tea, mince pies and even mulled wine.  It seems like a no brainer!

However, sitting in front of a computer for hours, hunched over, in the same position, searching for the perfect present for our relatives, getting stressed when we find it’s out of stock and then the inevitable happens, the computer decides to update …. Again!

The result of this can be a very stiff and painful neck or back or both which can be treated by painkillers or maybe even having a massage but that may not be enough.

Equally if the condition is left with no treatment this can result in a painful back or neck, probably with a headache, which is going to spoil your pre-Christmas festivities.

The real solution is to let Salisbury Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Clinic sort out your problem at the earliest stage, so that you can enjoy Christmas to the full.

If you can’t get here before Christmas, then download our helpful exercises which will show you how to achieve the correct posture very simply.

And remember sometimes it is better to brave the real shops as this involves, walking, fresh air and a chance to revel in the Christmas atmosphere even treating yourself to mince pie and mulled wine in one of the many coffee houses and restaurants in Salisbury.  Just don’t be over ambitious and try to do it all at once, so you end up carrying heavy bags, which can put strain on arms, neck and back.

Stay positive, do exercises and enjoy the Christmas season.  Remember if you really are in pain call us for an appointment or book a pre-Christmas treatment just in case.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone….

See our Reverse the Slump exercises (attached) for sitting at the computer or when doing Christmas cards! … a great stretch to reduce neck and upper back strain!



                                      HUNT’S SLUMPED POSTURE EXERCISE (HSPE)

Hunt’s Slumped Posture Exercise prevents slumping and strengthens your neck, upper back and core muscles. It promotes stability and relaxes muscles that tighten due to postural stress (see Figure 1). Check the tension in your upper back and shoulders in the slumped posture and then in the posture exercise position. Muscle tension is dramatically reduced. Another check is to turn your head in the slumped and corrected postures. There is an improvement in the posture exercise position.

Figure 1



  1. Sit with on the edge of your chair.
  2. Spread your legs apart slightly and turn your toes out.
  3. Rest your weight on your feet and relax your abdominal muscles.
  4. Arms straight by your side and turn your palms outwards.
  5. Tuck your chin in and open up your chest with a deep breath, then squeeze your shoulder blades together and downwards as you breathe out.
  6. ….so chin in and chest out……reverse the slump!

This postural exercise should be done for 10 seconds every 20 minutes especially when sitting at a desk or computer. It can be incorporated into sitting, standing, walking, and lifting. Within a few weeks, you will sit and stand straighter naturally. When this occurs, conscious effort is not as necessary because you have learned a new skill and postural habit.


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